“Revue passieren lassen”

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my old living space i lived for alomst 7 years.
I tried to transfer original scenes from that years into art sculptures.
A recap of all the years.
You can find the date of the original besides the fake.
Also some additional information.

2011/2012. Original installation form my mate Adel.
He hung out his laundry. Maybe there was no clotheshorse available.

The fake comes without cloths.
2013. One day the pipes in our house were broken. Some men came and gave us a "pretty" huge hole. We lived with it for 6 months or more. After a couple of weeks i decided to mask it with a bit of paper. Didn't look awesome but made it.

Fake is a rebuild of that form.
2011. That piece of wood with a lot of ice cream is a gift by Matthias Ruthenberg. First i put that in a corner to decide what i will do with it.
After some weeks or months, think it was xmas, i was alone in the flat.
That scared me a bit or a bit more so i decided to lock my door (as a from of paranoia). Not a easy thing if you have no doorlock. So build your own by a art piece of wood, some old letters from people who lived in the flat a book by michel houellebecq and a terminator dvd in a hard case.

Fake is a rebuild of that with the original door from the flat.
It stands by it self in the room only fixed by the installation it self.

more pictures: 01 | 02 | 03
2007. First time i moved into this flat. There was that ugly red stripe in the exhibition room.
My mate Max (who live in thsi room) overpainted this for sure but i took some photos and remembered that.
So i tried to bring back that hidden piece and part of this room. something like a historical bringback.
No fake:
soem of the photos: (c) Lukas Klose & Bojana Petkovic